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The screw-cap gable top
milk carton
(what a mouthful!)


Designed to save space on palettes, to maximize on-carton branding space, and to reduce bottle-cleaning responsibility.

Exists for families (mostly with children) and individuals who like to drink milk, juice, and other perishable beverages.


The percentage of milk containers on the market* that are constructed from PLE-impregnated paperboard.

*as of 1990, other reports indicate this has shrunk slightly

Source: Life Cycle Design of Milk & Juice Packaging, Keoleian et al. 1996


The amount of carton material that ends up actually being recycled, primarily due to impregnation of PLE into paperboard. It is difficult to separate and properly recycle.


How many years it takes for an average PLE-coated paperboard carton to biodegrade after being placed in a landfill instead of being recycled.


Taking inspiration from modern coffee bean bags, OriCarton is a fully recyclable alternative that saves space in both landfills and your fridge!


How it works:

Our milk carton imitates the roll-top quality of coffee bean bags while incorporating a flexible plastic skeleton for rigidity and a fully-recyclable plastic design with potential for bioplastic replacement for increased sustainability.

Environmental goals:

Fewer non recycled cartons, less paper/plastic waste in landfills, less particulate matter in environment

Design goals:

A design that increases ease of use, decreases product waste, and allows for the packaging to reflect the actual level of product remaining in the container while saving space in the fridge.

Untitled-Artwork 2.jpg
Untitled-Artwork 4.jpg


Inner plastic: hydrophobic
Outer plastic: hydrophilic

Opportunities for bioplastics or alternative biodegradable materials

Structural high-density silicone “skeleton” cage for rigidity & support

Closure tab is wire enclosed in plastic

More recyclable, less landfill waste

If bioplastics used, could be compostable.

Roll-top design saves space and reflects the amount of milk left in the carton!


measurements in cm

open 2 focus.jpg

Design outcome:

We hope that this design will both encourage users to be more mindful of the waste they produce in their lives and how to recycle it, while also improving their user experience and creating a more convenient object in the refrigerator.

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