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Container Sketch 1_edited.jpg

container design:

developing a fun, quirky solution
to boring seed-starting equipment

The prompt for this project was to create a container for something time-sensitive. In the early stages of ideation, my ideas were a bit either over the top or underwhelming. Once I narrowed focus onto an idea that would work really well for someone I knew, I grew attached to the idea of developing small pots for starting seeds.

early ideation

Ideation Sketch 1.jpg
Ideation Sketch 2.jpg
Ideation Sketch 3.jpg


Container Sketch 1.jpg
Container Sketch 2.jpg

After drawing out the forms for the seedling pots, I got some air-dry clay and began modeling the forms. This process was slow and grueling, and it wasn't until I saw a classmate's work that I realized I ought to have been slipcasting all along, instead of working the clay by hand. The models came out alright, but as soon as I painted them, they immediately lost their ceramic quality and became plastic-y. A future note to all industrial design grad students out there: buy a spray gun!


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